The Measurement and Assessment Unit at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Cairo University seeks to raise the level of the graduate to reach a distinguished graduate locally, regionally and globally through the development of a comprehensive and integrated system for measurement and assessment of the learning outcomes targeted for the academic programs of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Cairo University.

Program mission:

The mission of the Measurement and Assessment Unit at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Cairo University is to mobilize and intensify efforts to modernize and develop the teaching, learning and scientific research processes through the development and modernization of the evaluation and examination system at the faculty to ensure and apply quality standards in all examination procedures to achieve justice, transparency and efficiency in evaluating students, which contributes to ensuring quality Education in the college and to achieve the targeted educational outcomes of the academic programs to reach a graduate who is able to compete globally and gain the confidence of the concerned parties in the labour market and community service.

Unit Objectives:

  1. Spreading the culture of measurement and assessment and raising the level of awareness of the importance of developing measurement and assessment processes as one of the basics to improving the education system in the faculty and raising awareness of the ethical code for evaluation and examinations in all its stages and fields, and raising awareness of developments in it.

  2. Preparing guides for the controls and standards necessary to ensure the quality of measurement and evaluation processes in light of the standard academic standards adopted by the faculty.

  3. Providing training for faculty staff and teaching assistants and preparing trainers in the field of assessment and examinations by preparing training programs in the preparation of: assessment tools, question banks, electronic examinations, automatic correction of exams and other programs.

  4. Follow-up on the preparation and updating of question banks for academic courses in light of the targeted learning outcomes and academic standards for academic programs at the faculty.

  5. Establishing and developing the faculty infrastructure to use modern processes to manage assessment and examination systems, develop assessment methods and means, and use modern assessment methods.

  6. Providing technical support for the faculty to develop its assessment and examination systems in coordination, supervision and follow-up with assessment and examination units in the various faculties of the university.

  7. Follow-up indicators for measuring student and faculty satisfaction regarding measurement systems, student evaluation and exams in the faculty.

  8. Reviewing and preparing annual reports for evaluating examination work in general and student results in particular, preparing executive plans for corrective actions for weaknesses and emphasizing the enhancement of strengths.

  9. Develop mechanisms to ensure communication between the unit and evaluation units in other universities locally and globally, and benefit from their experiences and circulate them among the evaluation units in faculties and exchange experiences between them.

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