Master Degree in Veterinary Health Product Development and Regulatory Affairs (VPDRA):

  • Local / regional markets in need of professionals who can provide technical regulatory
    guidance to the emerging industries and the regulatory bodies during product development and registration
  • Collaboration between academia (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Cairo University FVMCU) and University of Surrey (UoS) and industry (Zoetis)
  • Creation of an internationally accredited joint master's degree program in regulatory affairs-with the following objectives
    1. The identification of areas of possible mutual academic interest
    2. The identification of potential research opportunities and initiatives
    3. Staff exchange
    4. Collaboration on developing veterinary and bioscience courses, including potential link to VMD.

Expected Accomplishments:

  1. Formation of the management structure of the program and drafting or the common guidelines (Code of good practice) between
  2. Development of the curriculum for the master's program that addresses African Middle Eastem and European needs.
  3. Graduation of master's degree graduates after 2 international accreditation of the program according to EU standards
  4. Degree will be registered at VMCU
  5. Seek Innovative learning including online!
  6. Initiation delayed by COVID-19 7. Target IRO 25 students/year