Services Provided by the Veterinary Clinic for Gynaecology, Obstetrics, and Artificial Insemination Clinic

Diagnostic and treatment services for the incoming cases, which serve the community service sector and environmental affairs

  1. Surgical operations:
    • Caesarean operation for farm animals (cattle, buffaloes, goats and sheep) and pets (dogs and cats).
    • Prolapse of the uterus and vagina.
    • Vaginal enlargement in dogs.
    • Sterilization operations, including removal of the uterus and ovaries, and castration.
  2. Diagnosis using ultrasound:
    • Early pregnancy in farm animals (cattle, buffaloes, goats and sheep) and pets (dogs and cats).
    • Infertility conditions, including inactive ovaries, polycystic ovaries, and yellow body.
    • Diagnosis of purulent inflammation in the uterus.
    • Foetal vitality, number, and foetal death cases.
    • Determining the time of ovulation.
  3. Using vaginal swabs as a quick way to determine the dates of oestrus in canine females.
  4. Treatment of dystocia, including:
    • Adjustment of foetal position
    • Foetotomy.
    • Treatment of uterine torsion in buffalo and cattle.
  5. Semen evaluation of buffaloes, sheep, goats, sheep and domestic ,animals ,dogs), and the artificial insemination in dogs.

Educational services for undergraduate and graduate students, they include:

  1. Using the ultrasound device to diagnose pregnancy and infertility.
  2. Training in surgical operations (Caesarean operation and sterilization operations, including removal of uterus, ovaries, and castration.
  3. Training the student on methods of diagnosing pregnancy using palpation in large animals.
  4. Training the student to treat cases of uterine and vaginal prolapse and cases of dystocia.
  5. Training on how to take vaginal swabs in dogs and evaluate them under The microscope.
  6. Training to collect semen from dogs, evaluate and prepare for use of dogs in artificial insemination.