Services Provided by Surgery Clinic

Educational services for undergraduate and postgraduate students:

  1. The Hospital for Surgery, Anaesthesiology and Radiology is considered one of the oldest specialized veterinary hospitals in Egypt and the Arab world.
  2. The clinic provides the clinical cases of pets, wild and large animals, as well as birds and reptiles, for student training and explanation of the clinical curriculum for the fourth- and fifth-year students, the general and distinguished program, as well as master’s and PhD students.
  3. It contributes to raising the quality of veterinary education in accordance with the university's policy, international trends, and the labour market's need for doctors and highly skilled veterinarians.
  4. The teaching staff and teaching assistants in the hospital train the students in diagnosing cases using X-ray and ultrasound, as well as performing various surgical operations under the effect of many methods of anaesthesia in the practical sections, as well as during the summer training for the fourth- and fifth-year students.
  5. Along with the framework of continuous education for graduates, the hospital provides the opportunity for veterinarians to be present to follow up on what is new in the methods of diagnosis, treatment and surgery for animals

Scientific research in the field of veterinary medicine, dentistry and human medicine:

  1. The hospital provides a very good opportunity for researchers from the department to conduct the necessary scientific research to be promoted to higher scientific degrees, as they use the facilities of the hospital, including incoming clinical cases, x-ray equipment, sonar and anaesthesia equipment, and operations rooms.
  2. The hospital provides a good opportunity to conduct research and medical theses for human doctors and dentists from different universities by performing experimental surgeries that serve humans by using different experimental animals and providing health care and shelter.