Objectives :

  1. Providing health care and access to veterinary services to villages in the different governorates.

  2. Preparing a health and social education program for the villagers to raise awareness of health and environmental problems.

  3. Strengthening the spirit of volunteer work among young people during the veterinary examination of animals and birds and the work of the health and social survey of villages.

  4. Direct contact of college students with the veterinary labor market.

  5. Securing huge opportunities for the development of scientific research plans.

  6. Encouraging faculty members to conduct scientific and applied studies and research.

Services provided by Caravans:

  1. Examination and treatment of all medical cases presented to it free of charge.

  2. Conducting a comprehensive survey of veterinary field problems in the villages visited by the caravans.

  3. The benefit of the people of the villages visited by the convoy from the scientific and field experiences of the faculty members of the college in all disciplines.

  4. Exchange of scientific and applied experiences between faculty members and veterinarians affiliated with the Directorate.

  5. Performing surgical operations under field conditions with the aim of encouraging colleagues working in the field to perform them and providing them with experience and skill for that.

  6. Providing the opportunity for the students of the final squad to debate and treat all pathological cases in the conditions of the field under the supervision of the specialized faculty members.

  7. Preventive treatment of different animals by taking them against internal parasites and treating cases infected with external parasites by spraying or injection.