Crisis and Disaster Management Unit

About the Centre:

The unit was established by a decision of the faculty council on 06/22/2010. The council determined in the same session the formation and tasks of the unit’s board of directors. The vision, mission, objectives, and organizational structure of the unit was approved by the faculty council in its session on 01/18/2011. The current director of the unit, Prof. Haitham Ali Mohamed, was appointed by Resolution No. 380 on 9/17/2017 for a period of two years.


Securing the work environment against crises and disasters to achieve excellence in crisis and disaster management and to achieve the highest levels of safety when performing educational and research tasks.


Establishing an effective system for managing crises and disasters and working to implement the plans and programs prepared to secure the work environment to provide security and safety in the faculty’s facilities and reduce the risks and negative effects resulting from crises and disasters in pursuit of the internal stability of the faculty community.

The general objectives of the Unit

  1. Take preventive measures to mitigate the occurrence of the crisis.
  2. Prior planning to face the crisis and how to deal with it.
  3. Take protective actions to reduce the severity of the crisis when it happens.
  4. Ensure the presence and examination of tools and devices for extinguishing fire and first aid.
  5. Providing security and human safety in the college (faculty members - students - employees - workers).
  6. Take preventive measures to secure the college facilities and individuals against fires, crises, and disasters.
  7. Forecasting possible crises within the college and identifying prevention mechanisms.
  8. Preparing plans and drawing scenarios to deal with crises.
  9. Spreading cultural awareness of crisis and disaster management, how to implement confrontation and relief work, and preparing to deal with events by training faculty members and their assistants and workers in a crisis simulated situation.
  10. Work on updating early warning and monitoring equipment.

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