Dean's Word

Welcome to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Cairo University (VMCU). At VMCU, generations of scientists and professional educations have built on an ancient heritage of providing excellent veterinary care to provide great veterinary education and community services in the cradle of civilization. We realized early that the development of human civilization has been associated with the ability of man to coexist with animals. In the deserts of Sinai or on the banks of the Nile, Egyptians knew a long time ago that human welfare is linked to animal welfare. The scenes on the walls of the ancient Egyptian temples testify to the fact that Egyptians were probably the first to develop the traditions of veterinary care into a science.

The Egyptians of modern history, like the rest of humanity, have developed the ancient traditions of animal care into an organized science. Almost 200 years ago (in 1827), and out of a need to stop the bovine plague “rinderpest”, the fist veterinary school was established in a place called Rasheed in the northwest of the Egyptian Delta. In 1950 the school of veterinary medicine became the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and became a part of what is now Cairo University.

Today, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University (VMCU), is the oldest veterinary education and services institute in the Middle East. You are now part of this great institute and will be entrusted with carrying on its One Health-based mission and values to the region and to the rest of the world.

Our faculty and staff will be spare no effort to give you the excellent veterinary education that you need and deserve. Our academic staff are some of the best in the nation and the world; many of whom have graduated from European and North American universities and have worked there as well. All of them have contributed significantly to the sustainable food security and public health in Egypt.

VMCU administration, with the support of Cairo University’s President, Vice Presidents, and administrative departments are committed to supporting your educational experience and to creating the ideal environment needed for you to reach your full potential. Make sure to consult with your academic advisor, your professors, and with VMCU administration whenever you need.

For our students who are returning from summer vacation, we hope that you have had a change to rejuvenate after last year’s challenging work and are now ready to continue exploring new horizons of knowledge. For our first-year students, we encourage you to start exploring VMCU’s departments and to visiting with you academic advisors.

I wish you all a safe and prosperous year. Work hard and stay safe. Best of luck.


Professor Eman Shaheed, Dean