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Word of Dean

Word of Professor/ Khaled Farouk Al-Amry
Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
With the break of the first day of the new academic year, it gives me great pleasure to welcome my sons and daughters of the faculty students. Welcome in this long-standing educational edifice; welcome in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.
Wishing you a prosperous academic year, I remind you my sons and daughters who are now affiliated to this lofty edifice that you shoulder the responsibility of disseminating its mission. I encourage you to unleash your talents and abilities, and you will find – God willing - all sorts of support, encouragement and guidance from your faculty. You are the builders of the future, and you are responsible for popularizing the role of the veterinarian in the service of community and country, as Egypt aspires to a generation that is well-equipped with science, knowledge and ethics as genuine parts of the sublime message of the veterinarian.
Therefore, I motivate you all to take part in community building through exerting every possible effort and bestowing, in addition to participating effectively in all educational, research, sports activities in the faculty.
Finally, I wish you a successful and fruitful university life that gives our country the intended benefit and achieve our hopes to get the facultyto its appropriate level, and make it have its rightful place locally and internationally.
May God help us all to serve our beloved Egypt.
Prof. Khaled Al-Amry
Faculty Dean


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