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Students Admission

1- Required papers from the new student

- Original General Secondary School Certificate

 - Original Birth Certificate

- Military Form #2 for male students

- Copy of student nomination card

- (8) personal photos

- Electricity or gas receipts as a proof of residential address

·               All required documents are put inside a large envelope upon which the following data is written name of the student, address of the student, phone number of the student (home – mobile).

·                  The Student Data Form is accurately completed, as the data will be registered in the database of student’s affairs administration, and the form is submitted with the student file.

·         The student gets his/her unique e-mail address and password to register the subjects electronically.

·         Paying the faculty fees via Fawry Service.


Procedures of transferring to the faculty

-The student submits to the Central Remittances Office at Cairo University an application accompanied by (water, electricity, telephone or gas receipt).

-The student will obtain a Status Statement from the faculty that he/she was transferred from in which the courses that he/ she studied at the first level are clarified. These documents are submitted to the Central Remittances Office at Cairo University after fulfilling the preliminary conditions.

-After fulfilling preliminary conditions, clearing procedures are performed for such students to show the academic courses from which the student will be exempted, in addition to the courses to whom will be added. The two groups of courses must be certified by the students affairs administration and sent to the education and students affairs administration at the faculty to get the certification of the students affairs committee at the university.

Steps of paying tuition fees and getting the student identity card

-The student pays the tuition fees via Fawry Service.

- The student brings the payment receipt and delivers it to the employee in charge of his/her academic level with a recent personal photo. As for the new students at the first level, they complete the form of special tuition fees card throughout the duration of their study at the faculty, attached with their personal photos.

- The employee in charge of the academic level registers the payment receipt number in the tuition fees card, gets the card and delivers it to the student



Students->Students Admission