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Word of Dean

 Dear my professor, colleagues, staff and their assistants - the administrative member system - my sons and my daughters, students of the Veterinary Medicine College........

It is my pleasure to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the community of faculty and take this opportunity to express my great faith to work together for the advancement of our beloved college. To graduate distinctive veterinarian able to keep up with the stunning and continued progress witnessed by the world now, whether in community services and educational programs beside the scientific research This will be our goal through the performance of the staff,their assistants, and the administrative systems. also we are looking for word to improv the colleges own resources to enable fulfilling its mission to the fullest.  In conclusion, we wish all of you and to our great college all progress and prosperity.






Iman Shaheed





Acting Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine , Cairo University 




About Vet->Word of Dean